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Pippa is absolutely AMAZING! From the very first class I attended I was hooked on Pilates....I wasn’t any good but I really enjoyed it (and that’s from someone a bit overweight and unfit). She broke everything down into manageable steps and differentiated some of the more tricky exercises so that we could all participate and our own levels. With each class I took I could see measurable improvement and before long was able to do some of the trickier exercises I didn’t think would be possible for me to do!!! I could also see a physical difference after a few weeks and some of my pre maternity clothes were fitting again. Not only this but Pippa's positive attitude is infectious. I came into classes knackered, with a mind filled with work stress and a to do list for my 3 kids. I would leave class feeling much more positive and recharged. During the government lockdown Pippa has kindly put on a weekly online class. This has been a godsend to me as it has given me something to look forward to and I continue to see improvement in my fitness levels and a benefit to my mental health. I couldn’t recommend Pippa more highly!

Kerry Bloor

I have been treated by Pippa on and off for a wide range of injuries. The fast paced life of a performer does not often lead to a lot of downtime so with Pippa's expert diagnosis, treatment and recommendations for home exercises I have remained fighting fit and able to fulfil all of my work commitments.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Warm, welcoming and a true expert in her field. 

Nicholas Mclean, Actor and Singer (Wicked/Book of Mormon)

I have suffered from back pain for the last 7 years.  I have had spinal injections, disc surgery and tried lots of physio and rehab.  It has been frustrating because I am a GP and had not been able to find an answer to my ongoing pain.  I then started working with Pippa and through a combination of Pilates classes and one to one sessions I have been able to manage my pain and continue horse riding which is what I wanted to achieve.  Her clinical assessment and knowledge are second to none.  She has now helped my daughter’s swimmer’s shoulder and provided rehab for my husband’s Achilles rupture.  I highly recommend her for any physiotherapy or Pilates support.


 Dr Laura Wass

I am a multi-distance runner and was referred to Pippa having a suspected chronic high-hamstring/gluteal injury. From our first session, Pippa put me at complete ease and was very professional and proactive in my recovery plan going forward, knowing exactly what style of plan would work for me. Since my injury showed unusual and changing characteristics, it was evident at each session that Pippa was treating and advising me based on my own feedback, own injury and own progress as opposed to treating a generic textbook injury. Despite undergoing physio treatment, Pippa guided me through adaptations to existing training plans enabling me still to compete (and PB) in various marathons, where realistically possible and without a detrimental impact however, always being mindful to the bigger picture - recovery. 

Pippa’s experience, knowledge and kindness also shines in her Pilates classes and tutorials of which I have more recently enjoyed. Guided effortlessly though key moves not only to strengthen and mobilise generally but also targeted to specific ailments, sports or conditioning.


Pippa always goes above and beyond and is true class within her field!

Delyth Williams, Runner

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